Free Webinar: Moving BTUs in Commercial Buildings (On-Demand)

moving BTUs

Webinar Name: Moving BTUs In Commercial Buildings: Comparing Water, Air & Refrigerants

Webinar Details: This on-demand webinar focuses on the comparative performance of HVAC systems which use water, air or refrigerants. The presentation will also compare efficiencies of HVAC systems using AHRI equipment data.

Participants will learn:

  • How hydronics system energy efficiency compares with air and refrigerant systems
  • How to compare the system comfort of hydronics against air and refrigerant systems
  • What is the method to modify AHRI equipment efficiencies in order to compare different systems against each other
  • What are some of the latest innovations in hydronic systems

Registration: Free

Date: On- Demand

Webinar Link: Moving BTUs in Commercial Buildings

Source: PM Engineer

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