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lean management certification

Course Name: Lean Management Certification

Course Details: Simplilearn’s Lean Management Certification training introduces students to the concept of Lean and Lean Management and how they can be applied in an organisation.

According to Simpilearn, Lean Management is a method of running an organisation in which continuous improvement is practiced. As a result, changes are incremental and are implemented over a long period of time, but they increase quality and efficiency.

Key features of the course include:

  • 5 Hrs of High Quality e-Learning content
  • 9 Chapter-end Quizzes
  • 20 PDUs Offered
  • 3 Lean Management Simulation Exams
  • Downloadable e-book
  • Course Completion Certificate

According to Simplilearn, course objectives include:

This particular certification is best suited for people who work in the quality sector. Professionals in this industry, new graduates or interested newbies should pursue the certification.

The curriculum is made up of the following lessons:

  • Lesson 01: Introduction
  • Lesson 02: Types of Waste
  • Lesson 03: Tools
  • Lesson 04: Lean in Manufacturing
  • Lesson 05: Lean in Service
  • Lesson 06: Lean in Office
  • Lesson 07: Lean Metrics
  • Lesson 08: Other Methodologies that Complement Lean
  • Lesson 09: Lean Maturity Matrix

There will be an exam at the end of the training which will evaluate candidates’ knowledge. The exam includes 50 questions and the passing grade is 70%. On successful completion, students will be offered a certificate.

Course Link: Lean Management Certification Training

Duration: Self Paced

Modality: Online

Language: English

Registration Fee: USD $99 – Self-Paced Learning

Source: Simplilearn

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