Learning French Numbers | Counting from 1 -100 and Beyond in French

learning french numbers

Are you a beginner French student interested in learning your French numbers? The French Experiment is offering free classes on learning how to count in French. The website offers audio pronunciations of each word so that you can hear and become familiar with the sound of the word.

The French Experiment’s French Numbers lesson is separated into the following sections: Numbers 1-9; Numbers 10-19; Numbers 20-29; Numbers 30-69; Numbers 70-99 and Numbers over 100.

This particular lesson also identifies the differences in French numbers in the various French-speaking countries. Belgium and Switzerland are the most confusing with different words for seventy and ninety. However, it’s best to stick with the basic translations because these are a bit extraordinary.

For additional practice, take a look at the flash cards and the multiple choice quiz.

Source: The French Experiment

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