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modern marketing workshop

Course Name: The Modern Marketing Workshop

Course Details: Skillshare’s Modern Marketing Workshop is designed to tackle today’s marketing activities. This class will show students how to identify opportunities, avoid and leverage threats and “grow relevant metrics into meaningful action.”

The course is described as a practical and structured class which teaches the four building blocks of modern marketing. These blocks can then be used to create an effective modern marketing plan.

The class consists of over 20 videos on the following topics:

  • Action theory of marketing
  • The P Words
  • XY chart
  • Emotion
  • Change
  • Alert
  • Share

In addition to the videos, students will have access to original e-books, reformatted classics and video interviews.

The main project for the course is the creation of a marketing project. Students will be required to generate a marketing project for their business which includes the following components:

  • A 3-5 sentence description of the business or brand
  • Answers to the 11 questions in unit 2
  • The 3 P’s you’ll prioritize to be the backbone of the marketing plan
  • The top concepts you’ll use
  • A 2-3 sentence articulation of your marketing point of view
  • The story that will be used to start your movement

The course is being taught by Seth Godin, an experienced entrepreneur and author. He has a background in computer science and business. Seth has been at the helm of several companies including a book company and an internet company that was sold to Yahoo.

This particular course is best suited for everyone – individuals, large companies, small businesses, and for profit and non profit organisations.

Course Link: The Modern Marketing Workshop

Duration: Self Paced

Modality: Online

Language: English

Registration Fee: USD $0.99 for three months!

Source: Skillshare

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