Psychological First Aid (PFA) in Disaster Management

Course Name: Psychological First Aid (PFA) in Disaster Management in the Caribbean

Course Details: The Pan American Health Organisation in conjunction with the World Health Organisation created a Psychological First Aid (PFA) course. The ten hour self-paced course aims to equip front line professionals with a framework that can be used to provide psychological and social support for crisis victims.

The course was designed for crisis personnel including relief agency volunteers, teachers, religious leaders, care takers and first responders.

According to the course outline, the learning objectives are:

  1. To define PFA.
  2. Describe factors to consider in providing PFA.
  3. Discuss the process of providing PFA.
  4. List actions PFA providers take to care for self and colleagues.
  5. Identification of individuals with special needs
  6. Application of PFA to various crisis scenarios.

Course Link: Psychological First Aid (PFA) in Disaster Management in the Caribbean – 2019

Start Date: On Demand

Duration: 10 hours

Modality: Online

Language: English

Cost: Free

Source: Virtual Campus for Public Health

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